Bell & Ross WWI Argentium

Bell & Ross has been a respected brand in the Swiss watchmaking industry since anyone can remember. Their creations have made a difference in the lives of many ever since its founding. For example, the initial pieces it manufactured changed the way men looked at timepieces. In the First and Second World War, Bell & Ross watches have played a part in ensuring that pilots, aeronautical engineers, and others who are actively involved in the war effort can count on having precise timing.

The Vintage PW1 and the WW1 watches by Bell and Ross are sought by collectors all over the world. It is a timepiece that is reminiscent of the heroic efforts of ordinary people in extraordinary times. Aside from their historic value though, these watches also combines charming vintage design with unmistakable Bell & Ross technology. The distinctive, sharp, and modern look of these watches mean that the design elements used on vintage pieces remains in high demand today. So here enters the Bell & Ross WWI-Argentium. The Bell & Ross WWI-Argentium pays tribute to a heroic era without looking outdated.

At the Baselworld 2012, the brand launched various collections that can be placed under four categories including complications, military, flight instruments, and new variations of existing models. The Bell & Ross WWI-Argentium falls under the military line. It is important to emphasize that Argentium is a material: silver alloy. Because it is almost pure, the stability of the material is preserved.

The Bell & Ross WWI-Argentium watch features this amazing material prominently. Measuring 41mm in diameter, it is extremely elegant. This is something that classy men would go for in an instant. It has a round, classic case that can complement everything from your corporate outfit, laid-back outfits, and even accompany you on formal occasions. It would never fail to make you look as elegant and sophisticated as possible.

It is interesting to note that the company also launched a pocket watch this year. So who said that pocket watches were so 19th century? They are back in demand by the most discriminating of watch customers. And it is really no wonder. The old pocket watches are fascinating and it brings back romantic memories of times past. In the past, only watch collectors loved these items but it now has mainstream customers as fans. If the launch of Bell & Ross’s watch is a success this year, expect more in the coming years.

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