The Bell & Ross Vintage Collection BR 126 Officer

Vintage Bell & Ross Officer

Bell & Ross BR 126 in Black

Introducing the Bell & Ross Vintage Collection latest edition – the Vintage Officer Chronograph.

The Vintage Collection by Bell & Ross pays homage to the aviators of the 1940’s who were the first professionals to use the wristwatch as instruments on their flight missions. All of the watches in this collection are elegant in appearance with a more stark contrast to some of the other B&R models. Each watch has a traditional round case with an extraordinarily comfort design, and features either a black or silver dial. The crystal is produced with strong sapphire and gives the watch a look similar to the pilot watches back in the 40’s era.

The latest Bell & Ross BR 126 measures 41mm in polished stainless steel and features a two-counter chronograph. The watch can be found with either a black dial or traditional silver dial matched up with a black or grey alligator strap respectively.

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  1. This watch has a certain classic look to it. It looks like the type of vintage watch that you would see on a GI officer from World War II. The face of the watch is elegant and classic. Many middle age men and older like the simple classic look combined with durability and great craftsmanship. I think this would be a very nice gift for a dad – although Fathers Day is now in the past.

  2. There is nothing more manly and stylish for men than retro fashion clothing garment pieces and accessories like a vintage time piece. This watch is truly retro elegant. In fact, I would compare it to the classic, retro World War II bomber jacket. Both are impressive and stylish and both turn heads. This is a great gift for middle aged men. I am not so sure about it being a good gift for younger guys.

  3. Sally and David are both correct this does look very classic and elegant at the same time. What exactly is a chronograph used for though? I have noticed several watches with these on them and they are so small you can’t read them but it makes the watch look cool. SO if you could see them and use them what are they for?

  4. I am not that into watches anymore but this is a very attractive one. I used to collect the fashion watches just because I liked being able to match it to my outfit. Anymore I really don’t wear one and I use my phone to tell me what time it is.

  5. Tiffani says:

    Apparently there are more than one style of watches in this aviator series of classic / retro time pieces. I sure would like to see photos of the other styles in this series. With the recent release of the Hollywood film, Red Tails, onto DVD, it makes me wonder whether these types of watches were ever used by the famous Tuskeegee airmen – the first all African American air squadron in U.S. history. That would make these even more significant.

  6. This classic wrist watch is a refreshing change.

  7. Like Tiffany I would like to see more pictures of the watches that are in this series. Thank you for posting the article and thank you for all the information. Please post an answer to the question about the airmen that might have used these as well because they are right that would add a lot of history which adds value.

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