Breitling Bentley Motor Speed Chronograph

Breitling has built a solid following with its renowned Breitling for Bentley collection. Now, the design house is looking to expand its line further. The new model, the Bentley Motor Speed Chronograph, manages to fascinate watch connoisseurs with its mixture of functionality and the type of refinement associated with British lifestyle.

breitling-bentley-motor-speed-chronographMeasuring 47.8mm in diameter, this is the watch for a man’s man. It is crafted from 18k red gold or steel; the former is available in a limited quantity of 500 pieces only. Whatever you choose, one thing for certain is that you’ll get a lot of second looks when you’re wearing this watch. The bezel features a knurled finishing that resembles control buttons in classy cars.

The Breitling Bentley Motor Speed Chronograph is characterized by original design and cutting-edge features. You can expect the following functionalities in this watch: 30-second chronograph, variable tachometer, and 6-hour and 15-min totalizes. And integrated within its exemplary design is the Breitling 25B calibre, an automatic movement available exclusively from this brand.

Another notable piece of innovation in this watch is the dial. It is available in varying tons including Silver Storm, Black Velvet, or Bronze. Overall, the Bentley Motor Speed Chronograph is both elegant and sporty at the same time, definitely reminiscent of the prestigious Bentley automobiles.

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