Cartier Baignoire Grand Modele Watch

Women's Cartier Baignoire Watch

Women's Cartier Baignoire Watch

Originally unveiled in the 1920’s, the Baignoire collection from Cartier has become the symbolic “image” of the brand when it comes to lady’s watches. This collection derived its name from the word bathtub because the case shape is suggestive of this bathroom fixture. Now, the design house of Cartier has implemented its exciting plans for the collection, many years in the making.

The Cartier Baignoire Grand Modele Watch is the result of their well thought-out efforts. Though the newer version is bigger, its core design remains very much similar to its predecessor. The watch accommodates the Piaget 430C – an ultra-thin manually wound movement. But probably the most notable feature of this timepiece is its design.

The creators of this watch definitely have the wearer’s comfort in mind – everything from the strap to the buckle is easy on the wrists. The Cartier Baignoire Grand Modele Watch is crafted from various high-end materials including 18-karat gold for the case, solid silver for the dial, and beige satin strap. It should also be noted that Cartier included an inner lining on the strap for comfort and durability.

Intricately designed, femininely appealing, and beautiful, these are just some of the words used to describe the Cartier Baignoire Grand Modele Watch. And when you couple it with gold bracelets and diamonds, the already impressive creation becomes a masterpiece.

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