DeWitt Academia Quantieme Perpetuel Nebula

The DeWitt watch brand was founded in 2003 by Jerome de Witt.  His focus for the brand was to produce timepieces with elaborate complications that would set his watches into a class of their own.  Each Dewitt watch is built with precision and excellence, with the addition of a twist from the ordinary.  The award winning mechanisms incorporated into DeWitt watches set them apart from all the rest.  The dedication to be bold and innovative is what keeps them one step of ahead.

This innovation and creativity has continued through the years with the development of more elaborate pieces and concept watches which have become a work of art.

De Witt Academia Quantieme GMT

De Witt Academia Quantieme GMT

One of the most notable timepieces from the De Witt collection is the Academia Quantieme Perpetual Calendar GMT, known as the “Nebula” Special Edition.  This De Witt was inspired by a spiral shaped galaxy, located millions of light years from Earth.  This image has been masterfully reproduced on the watch dial.

The De Witt Academia Quantieme GMT consists of many noteworthy features.  This 43mm timepiece is complimented beautifully by the elements it is composed of.  The carbon fiber, white gold, and titanium materials of this De Witt make it a very versatile watch, capable of being casual and sporty, or dressed up and formal.  The water resistance of 30 meters is a welcome added bonus.  Produced in only 99 pieces, the Academia Quantieme Perpetual Calendar GMT continues to be a special limited edition.

From award winner to concept watch one thing holds true – De Witt delivers timeless classics combined with the latest cutting edge innovation of the future.

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