Hublot Big Bang Watches

Some of the most notable timepieces of the Hublot Big Bang collection include the Big Bang 41mm, the Big Bang 44mm, the Bigger Bang 44mm, and the Big Bang King.

Hublot Big Bang King - "All Black"

Hublot Big Bang King - "All Black"

The Big Bang 41mm is a chronograph design that combines luxurious appeal with cutting-edge technology. The main difference between the Big Bang 41mm and the 44mm is merely its size and the second counter of the dial.

Meanwhile, the Bigger Big Bang is a masterpiece in watch making craftsmanship. It features the “Tourbillon Column-Wheel Chronograph”. The chronograph mechanism is visible for the first time via the 12 o’clock dial. With this advanced technological innovation, users are able to admire each component that has been integrated into the timepiece.

Lastly is the Hublot Big Bang King. This 2007 novelty is 48mm in diameter but it is made of ideal proportions. It can easily be adjusted to various wrist sizes. Its luminous and light color is easy on the eyes and is undeniably beautiful. Although its design makes it known that it is a scuba diving watch, this timepiece is also suitable for different kinds of activities. Its fusion of high quality materials makes it the perfect watch indoors, outdoors, underwater, and above-water.

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