History of Hublot

Ever since Carlo Crocco developed the Hublot gold watch in 1980, the design house of Hublot never turned back. The gold Hublot was the first ever watch that used natural black rubber bracelet in a luxury timepiece. It became an inspiration for watchmakers all over the world.

Carlo Crocco grew up in a watch making family and he designed his first watch in 1976. He acquired his sense of beauty and style as a child. He decided to set up his own watch making company, the MDM Geneva, in 1980 with the aim of transcending trends with timeless elegance and sporting designs that will be sought after worldwide. His design was inspired by the ship’s porthole. Tiny titanium screws were used to mark the hours, secure the lunette, and meet the demands of form and functionality.

During the mid-90’s, the interest in using rubber was recaptured. This proves once again that Hublot has the right philosophy in thinking that rubber isn’t just about fashion, it is a lifestyle. Three years of research was needed to produce the Hublot bracelet that maximized the properties of rubber. The material has the ability to regenerate after being exposed to daily contact with the skin. People who bought a Hublot watch enjoyed the best comfort. The rubber bracelet is light, comfortable, and it instantly adapts to the skin.

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