IWC Big Ingenieur – A Watch “Engineered for Men”

If you’re looking for a watch with serious masculine appeal, then IWC’s Big Ingenieur is just the right watch for you. With its tagline “Engineered for Men”, you can be sure that IWC used cutting-edge technology, high-quality materials, and ingenious engineering to make this creation appealing to the male gender.

IWC Big Ingenieur

IWC Big Ingenieur

There are very few watches in the world that makes this much impact on the sensibilities on the Y-chromosome. As its name implies, everything about the IWC Big Ingenieur is big. It has an imposing case dimension of 45.5mm. However, before you think that this is the main selling point of the watch, be assured that this timepiece has a lot of substance underneath it.

Rather than being a “sell-out” to fashion, the huge diameter is actually required for the IWC 51112 calibre. This is the 7-day automatic movement popularized by IWC’s Big Pilot.  Among the many self-winding devices available today, IWC calibres still remains one of the moist fascinating. The intricate mechanisms within it are enough to attract even the most discriminating watch connoisseur.

As if its plethora of features isn’t enough, the IWC Big Ingenieur also has the type of design that is distinctively male. This is the exact counterpart of a “ladies watch”. It has chunky dimensions, brushed stainless steel, and makes use of straightforward dial indications.

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