IWC Spitfire UTC Watch – Fit for Travel

IWC Spitfire Watch

IWC Spitfire Watch

For many watch connoisseurs, travel – both local and international – is part of life. It can be either for business or leisure purposes. But whatever the case, the important thing is to have the right horological tool that can tell time accurately. Specifically designed for traveling, the IWC Spitfire UTC Watch can make journeys a bit easier.

With its reliable RTA 2892, travelrs can easily see two timezones with one glance. The intelligently engineered device can show your home time in a 24-hour format. On the other hand, the other hour hand of this timepiece can be adjusted using the crown in one-hour leaps depending on your destination. The minutes and seconds will automatically adjust so it is highly convenient for time-conscious travelers.

Aside from its technical sophistication, the IWC Spitfire UTC Watch is also elegantly designed with rhodium-plated dial and brushed stainless steel. The style of the timepiece itself is also very flexible. It can be taken to different events from morning till night. And because of its durability, this IWC watch can easily accompany the owner in the four seasons.

Collectors will definitely love this watch. It belongs to the small group of watches that are utilitarian as opposed be being “artsy” without substance.

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