Kobold’s Timely Beginning

The Kobold Watch Company is one with an interesting beginning.  Founder, Michael Kobold started the company as a class project when he was attending Carnegie Mellon University.  After his graduation he made the decision to follow his passion and turn his class project into something real.

Kobold Phantom

The company grew quickly and gained recognition when a Kobold watch was named one of the “World’s 10 Best Watches” in its class by International Wristwatch Magazine.

The Kobold Watch Company sets itself apart from its competitors in many ways.  The most noteworthy is that the company only manufactures 2,500 timepieces each year.  Kobold believes in the “less is more” philosophy, and prefers to maintain quality with each watch that is produced.  Although production is limited, a buyer can still capture the opportunity to own one of the limited edition  Kobold watches by shopping models available from reputable retailers.

Kobold focuses on manufacturing watches for use by polar professionals and others who require accurate and reliable timekeeping in extreme conditions.  His timepieces have been well received and are the choice of not only polar explorers, but of astronauts, CIA, scientists, and deep sea divers-and anyone who wants style and precision on their wrist.

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