Water Resistance – What It Really Means

If you’ve been reading up on Swiss watches, then you’ve probably encountered the term “water resistance” a lot of times. So what does this mean exactly? In essence, the International Organization for Standardization refers to it as the capability to withstand water that enters the case. In the case of Swiss watches, “water resistance” is […]

Swiss Watch Trends for 2011

In last year’s Baselworld Event, one of the things people remember about Berlin is the cold. While it is not exactly warm this year, it’s certainly not as bad as last year which may be taken as a good sign! There is a countless number of choices in the event and the best part is, […]

Review of Omega Hour Vision Blue

Omega never fails to deliver on its clientele’s expectations. In the Baselworld 2011, one of its creations, the Omega Hour Vision Blue, is once again a standout. It is definitely a cool watch that integrates the highly rated 8500 movement as well as sapphire “sides”. The Hour Vision watch from the DeVille collection is a […]

The James Bond Omega Seamaster

The Omega watch has long been synonymous with style and celebrities.  The watch brand is most recognized as the timepiece of choice by the infamous Bond, James Bond.  Bond fans and watch aficionados know all too well that the watch of choice for 007 has been the Omega Seamaster since 1995. When the Seamaster hit […]