Panerai Sails Eilean – 2010 Yacht Challenge

Panerai has restored a classic 1936 sailing yacht, fondly called the Eilean.  This beautiful yacht will serve as the company’s flagship at future yachting events, specifically the Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge later this year.

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Panerai CEO, Angelo Bonati, is an avid yachtsman.  He has spent over two years overseeing the complete restoration of the vintage Eilean.  The 72-ft. Bermudian ketch was originally designed and built in 1936 by a boatyard in Scotland.

When the yacht was acquired by Bonati it was merely a rusting wreck.  After a 40,000 hour restoration, the yacht has been perfectly returned to its original condition-with a new addition of Panerai sailing instruments!

The Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge is the largest and most renowned yacht race in the world.  This spectacular event showcasing vintage and classic sailing boats will take place from April to September, with the winner taking home a Panerai special limited edition timepiece.

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