Panerai Ferrari Scuderia

One of the newest models of Panerai watches now available in the market today is the Ferrari Scuderia Chronograph.  As can be expected from the Scuderia collection, the Ferrari Scuderia Chronograph features a yellow shield that distinguishes it from the rest of the Panerai collections. Panerai Ferrari WatchThe watch uses the same yellow color for its hands, am inscription Tachymeter, and two subsidiary counters. The prancing horse, which Ferrari is well-known for, is engraved in the rotor. All these components combine to make Ferrari Scuderia Chronograph a true stand-out when it comes to watch making.
The Ferrari Scuderia Chronograph is available in two straps: rubber and black calf. Both are equally notable because the rubber version contains a longitudinal “Ferrari” while the calf uses cayman lining. When it comes to Panerai, all is not in aesthetics; the technological features of the timepiece are remarkable as well. It uses the Panerai calibre OP XXI movement that creates 28,000 alternations per hour.   Distinguished with its sporty character, the Ferrari Scuderia Chronograph seems to be moving parallel to the one of the fastest Ferrari vehicle ever manufactured: the Enzo. It can exceed 350 kilometers per hour by combining the performance of a Formula 1 car and the functionality of a road car.  This unique Panerai Ferrari watch is offered in 300 units only.

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