Piaget’s Limelight Party Watch for Women

The design house of Piaget has definitely caught a lot of attention with the Limelight Green Party watch for Women. Creatively decorated with diamonds, its glimmering profile will draw people in from several feet away. This is definitely something women will love for a long time.

Piaget Green Limelight

There are two versions of this Piaget watch. Their main difference lies not in their functionality but in the color of the leaves and embellishments. One comes with 10 marquise-cut emeralds which weighs 5.2 karats while another has neutral colored marquise-cut diamonds with a total weight of 4.8 karats. This is a timepiece a lady would be proud to wear during important occasions.

The beautiful almond-shaped dial adds to its charm. But this timepiece is not all style and no substance because it is powered by the Piaget 56P movement. It is renowned for its accuracy and reliability. Despite its dainty look, the watch also has superior protection in the form of high-quality sapphire crystal in front.

One thing is for sure: the Piaget Limelight Green Party watch for Women blurs the line between jewelry and watch making. It is functions as both. This dazzling piece of art is a reflection of women’s wants and desires for luxury in these contemporary times.

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