The Success Story of Piaget Timepieces

Innovation is a byword for the design experts in Piaget. The company is renowned for its exhilarating, cutting-edge timepieces that open up the imagination. Its tradition can be traced back to 1957 when the brand’s designers came up with a 2 mm thick, Calibre 9P  movement. The first watches with this calibre sent excitement rippling through the whole horological industry.

Piaget Emperador

The successes of the brand did not stop there. It also developed the 12P automatic movement which is the world’s thinnest. This was unveiled in 1960. The technical expertise and continual drive to impress has captured the imagination of watch connoisseurs. Aside from developing ultra-thin calibre, Piaget is also known for protecting their creations with slender cases. Elegance and sophistication are assured in every Piaget masterpieces.

The design house of Piaget is known for its out-of-the-box thinking. For example, out of the 29 movements it developed, 17 of these are ultra thin. Some of the most notable calibres that were launched from its workshops include the 830P (2.5mm) and 430P (2.1mm). There are a lot of benefits associated with thin movements because this allows for greater possibilities in terms of design and features.  Without a doubt, Piaget will continue to impress avid watch fans and collectors all over the world with new collections.

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