Top 5 Luxury Watch Brands for Men Under 30

As the most successful men under 30 seek to establish their place in today’s society, many are turning to luxury watches as a way to make a statement about themselves. The finest chronometers are much more than mere time-keepers. They are an accessory that exudes class, sophistication and success. If you are one of the […]

Baselworld Goes Blue

Blue hues made an impression at Baselworld 2013, proving that the color trend–ranging from serene to shocking–is still going strong.  Rolex’s familiar Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue in unexpected, eye-catching bright blue was a particularly noteworthy debut. This attractive timepiece lets wearers decide just how much color they want to embrace, offering interchangeability between the classic […]

Rolex Deepsea Challenge Watch

Rolex is a brand that has carved a strong name for itself in the watchmaking industry. It has been associated with various types of timepieces, ranging from iconic, elegant watches to watches that utilize the latest in cutting edge technologies. Whichever design elements Rolex decides to use though, one thing is always clear to watch […]

Don’t Ever Buy Rolex Watches on Craigslist

It almost goes without saying, but just in case a few of our readers are new to the luxury watch market, we just want to reiterate that there’s no such thing as a free lunch.  If you want to be the owner of a luxury watch, be it a Rolex or Panerai or any other […]