Rolex Deepsea Challenge Watch

Rolex is a brand that has carved a strong name for itself in the watchmaking industry. It has been associated with various types of timepieces, ranging from iconic, elegant watches to watches that utilize the latest in cutting edge technologies. Whichever design elements Rolex decides to use though, one thing is always clear to watch connoisseurs: the quality of a Rolex is never compromised. The brand is built on this promise.

Rolex Deepsea Challenge, 2012Whether you want to make a statement with a luxury watch or want a reliable timepiece to accompany you one exciting underwater adventures, Rolex will definitely have a timepiece that is just right for the purpose. The company has an impressive collection of Submariner diving watches that can be taken to extreme depths without a problem. One of the latest watches from the company is the Rolex Deepsea Challenge timepiece.

More than 50 years ago, Rolex made an experimental watch known as the “Deep Sea Special” which could be taken to a depth of 10,336 underwater. This legendary watch has made the company an envy in the watchmaking circle; other brands strived to live up to this innovation. Now, there is an additional model to the Deepsea collection.

While the original Deepsea watch accompanied Lt. Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard on the North Pacific Ocean, the Rolex Deepsea Challenge was taken by movie director James Cameron as he went down to the deep part of the Pacific Ocean. The director’s solo expedition on the submarine known as the Rolex Deepsea Challenger is a milestone in ocean exploration. The descent to the ocean floor took 2 hours while another 4 hours was dedicated to exploring the underwater. The project was sponsored by the watch company.

Time and again, Rolex has proven that it will push the boundaries of conventional watchmaking. The Rolex Deepsea Challenge is proof that the brand isn’t afraid to experiment with new technologies. This diving watch is waterproof for up to 12,000 meters, which is the record for a diving watch. It can withstand the astounding pressure found in the deepest parts of the ocean.

Due to the technology that has been integrated into the watch, it has a big size. It is 51.4mm wide and has a very thick case of 28.5mm. The watch is strapped into the robotic arms of the submarine in this expedition. It proves that the Rolex Deepsea Challenge can withstand 13.6 tons of pressure. The watch also comes with blue Chromalightlume for supreme visibility in the dark depths of the ocean.

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