Top 5 Luxury Watch Brands for Men Under 30

As the most successful men under 30 seek to establish their place in today’s society, many are turning to luxury watches as a way to make a statement about themselves. The finest chronometers are much more than mere time-keepers. They are an accessory that exudes class, sophistication and success. If you are one of the rising stars under 30 in the world and plan on investing in a chronometer, here are five luxury watch brands you should consider.

Rolex: The Watch Brand Everyone Knows

Rolex is the most well-known luxury watch brand, mainly because it is also the largest manufacturer of fine timepieces. Rolex churns out an average of 2,000 watches a day. Rolex does not sacrifice quality for quantity, though. Their brand is respected because all of their watches are among the best in the world. For most people, Rolex is their introduction into luxury watches, and there is no shame in purchasing one as your first luxury watch.  There are plenty of reasons why a young professional male would consider buying a Rolex watch as their first luxury timepiece, whether it be the prestige that comes along with ownership of this notorious brand or just their admiration of the fine craftsmanship behind each piece.

Richard Mille: The Luxury Watch Brand for the Technology Age

Richard Mille looks to be the new rising star of luxury watch brands. Many brands go for a classic, timeless look, but Richard Mille is doing just the opposite. Their watches are equipped with some of the most advanced features of any watch, and they often provide a view of the micromechanics that keep the timepiece running. Richard Mille is the luxury brand of the technology age, because it showcases the technology in a watch.

Jaeger-LeCoultre: An Old Manufacturer for the Young

If the latest innovations do not immediately catch your eye, then Jaeger-LeCoultre might be the right brand for you to consider. Founded in 1833, this is one of the oldest Swiss watch manufacturers. Although many of Jaeger-Lecoultre’s chronometers offer a little peek into the gears behind the hands, they have a more conservative design than Richard Mille. This brand’s watch is stylish enough for those under 30 yet known by those over 60.

Blancpain: A Rare Luxury Watch

You may have never seen a Blancpain watch. That’s because they make just 10,000 a year — a fraction of how many Rolex produces. Moreover, each piece is truly unique, unlike any other Blancpain luxury watch made. If you are looking for exclusivity in a luxury watch, than Blancpain is the best brand to choose.

F. P. Journe: A Rising Brand

F. P. Journe has been making high-end timepieces for about three decades now. He has established himself in the industry, but is still gaining name recognition. Since F. P. Journe is not as well known as some other exclusive watch brands, his prices tend to be lower than some of his competitions’. An F. P. Journe chronometer is often a good value, and it could be a good investment in the future, as long as his business continues to grow.

Unfortunately, price prohibits many people under 30 from purchasing the luxury watch of their dreams. If one of these brands excites you but is out of your price range, consider purchasing a pre-owned luxury watch. These timepieces are built to last for generations, and a pre-owned watch costs much less than a new one.

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