Rolex Datejust II

Rolex Datejust II Watch

Rolex Datejust II Watch

First launched in 1945, the Rolex Datejust is considered a classic. Robust and attractive at the same time, it exemplifies the brand’s Oyster Perpetual concept. The timepiece stands out as the flagship of the brand for a lot of good reasons. Unfortunately, as perfect its fans see it, the Datejust has actually fallen behind. This is because at 36mm in diameter, it looks small compared to the super-sized watches of today.

Upon realizing that big watches are demanded by its loyal clientele, Rolex was able to come up with a great innovation: the Datejust II. The new Rolex watch is able to answer the needs of today while retaining the characteristics that made its predecessor distinctive. At 41mm, Rolex fans cannot help but compare it to the Day-Date II which was introduced in 2008. The two may look visually similar but they have a notable difference. The Day-Date II is available exclusively in 18K gold or platinum.

Behind the glittering glass of a Rolex shop, one cannot help but admire the difference 5mm can make. The Rolex Datejust’s infamous label of being an “old man’s watch” will definitely be discarded with its new reincarnation. There is no denying it, Rolex outdid itself with the Datejust II.

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