Rolex Explorer II – A Celebrity Favorite

Rolex Exlorer II

Rolex Exlorer II

If you’re the type of person whose taste relies heavily on the preferences of your celebrity idol, then you’re most likely a fan of the Rolex Explorer II. Eric Clapton, John Mayer, and Orlando Bloom were all seen sporting this Rolex timepiece. For these celebrity connoisseurs, the Rolex Explorer II is the best of the best. Orlando Bloom, in particular, has very good taste. His favorite vintage model turns out to be one of the coolest vintage devices: the Ref. 1655 Explorer II. This is also known as the “Steve McQueen Explorer II” or the “Freccione”.

Every year, the Rolex Ref. 1655 becomes even more coveted because it has the right credentions with its 24-hour hand that is unique from other Oyster watches and a quirky dial. Because of the huge demand among collectors, the price of this particular piece has skyrocketed. It is apparent that most watch collectors will not let their Rolex Explorer II watches go just like that.

It comes as no surprise then that when the NYC Antiquorum held an auction last June 2009 to support UNICEF’s initiative, valuable timepieces were hoarded. This is because a group of actors, including Bloom, had put their precious watches on the block. Orlando Bloom might inevitably experience a seller’s remorse over the sale. But it is certain that the watch addiction will caught up with him once again and that the Rolex Explorer II won’t be the last watch he falls in love with.

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