Rolex Explores the World

Many explorers took on the challenge of climbing Mount Everest since 1933.  Rolex equipped these first explorers with its Oyster watches to accompany them on their treacherous journey.  Over the years Rolex utilized the fierce Polar Regions as a new testing laboratory, and made new developments of chronometric precision and legibility in these harsh conditions.  The Explorer II was launched.

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The Explorer II is a timepiece that can withstand any extreme condition.  Rolex uses 904L steel for its watch cases, a highly polishable, super alloy, that is extremely resistant against corrosion.  The blue Parachrom hairsprings deliver precise accuracy and remain unaffected by magnetic fields and are more shock resistant. 

Rolex even equipped this timepiece with a feature that helps the wearer distinguish daylight from night.  In an absence of natural light, the 24 hour graduated bezel along with the red 24 hour hand allows the wearer to distinguish day or night hours regardless of their location.  Life has no limitations with the Rolex Explorer II strapped to your wrist!

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