Swiss Watch Trends for 2011

In last year’s Baselworld Event, one of the things people remember about Berlin is the cold. While it is not exactly warm this year, it’s certainly not as bad as last year which may be taken as a good sign! There is a countless number of choices in the event and the best part is, the mix is more eclectic and exciting than ever.

Besides the usual top brands such as Rolex, IWC, Patek Philippe, and Omega, there are new names in the industry. Among some of the new manufacturers that are generating buzz include Gio Gio with its brightly colored timepieces, Flud with its rendition of the 80s boom box – right on your wrist, and Triwa which is already on its second season at the Baselworld. Triwa is a Scandinavian brand that makes use of acrylics. Each of these brands has found a very specific but loyal niche in the market.

And vintage is definitely “in” this year. The major brands in Swiss watch making have their own renditions of their classic models. Newer manufacturers are not to be left out, however. The brand by Nic and Mel, Vintage by Fe, is debuting this season. Headquartered in Sweden, this design house is one of the latest favorites of fashionable buyers.

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