Crocodile Straps are Back

The availability of high-tech materials that can withstand underwater pressure, extreme weather conditions, and other rough handling have caught the eyes and a large share of the wallet of many watch connoisseurs as well as actual users. But watches that are created for basic functionality and stunning aesthetics are making a comeback.

Ebel Croc Strap Chrono

In 2011, beautiful dials with aesthetically pleasing straps will once again be trendy. In particular, men’s watches that make use of crocodile-leather straps would become highly in demand. This is because the timepiece with this design can be paired with cotton shorts, suede shoes, and floral shirt for a “summer” effect. The trend in watch making will be heavily influenced by the fashion trend in general. There’s definitely a return to elegance and luxury that was mainly characterized by the ‘30s and ‘40s French Riviera look.

Men who want to buy a watch this year should look at timepieces that make use of leather straps. It doesn’t matter if it’s not crocodile leather; the most important thing is to look for a watch that will suit your style, skin tone, and sense of fashion. Consider whether it can be paired with most of the clothes in your wardrobe as well.


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